Art/Music installation project using twitter


Hi! I’m part of a team working on an installation art project. We want to allow users to tweet with a certain hashtag, which my software will search for. Once I get the tweet, it will translate the characters, user name, date/time, and location data into data that will generate music and light.

I have a few questions. The first being using the OAuth authorization system… is full authorization required for one user to search hashtags? I’ve been able to work with other social media with only needing a username/password, but the Twitter authorization seems much more complicated.

Since the software I am developing will be for one user only (me) and not publicly released, is there another method of achieving the search instead of the full OAuth?

I also read somewhere about new users, and users with a low number of followers not showing up on twitter streams/searches. Is this true? Because most of the people tweeting us will probably be new users or users with little activity on their accounts. If this is true, then this project would be impossible.


Hi there,

Yes, OAuth is required to authenticate with all Twitter API end-points. Also, new users should be available via these endpoints.


Additionally, I also wanted to point that since you want “search” only, your use case is better served by application only OAuth: