Are @usernames no longer excluded from max tweet length with 280 characters limit?


Posting a tweet with 280 chars is fine, but when replying to a tweet using 280 chars + mentioning the user I’m replying to, I get the an error message: “Tweet needs to be a bit shorter.”

So does this mean that @usernames are now counted towards the 280 characters limit?
So the actual limit is 280 - "@username ".length.



If you use the auto_populate_reply_metadata parameter then this should work


Thanks for the reply and the link :slight_smile:

Ps. the parameter is called auto_populate_reply_metadata in case someone decides not to follow the link.


Fixed in my post :slight_smile:
Just made a note to make this more clear in the documentation for the statuses/update endpoint as well. Glad this has helped you!


Thanks again, it was actually the note in the description for in_reply_to_status_id which was slightly confusing making me think that adding @username in front of the reply was required, but with auto_populate_reply_metadata=true, this is no longer the case.