Are there plans to support HTTP Live Streaming as a stream type for Player Cards?


I run SmugMug, a popular photo & video sharing service with over 35M visitors a month, and I just implemented Twitter Cards last night.

Since we support video, we have Player cards pointing at H.264/AAC videos in MP4 containers, but I was hoping there might be a way now, or in the future, to also point them at M3U8 playlist files as well, especially for mobile clients. That allows us to, among other things, selectively pick the right bitrate & resolution on-the-fly, allow realtime scrubbing, etc. They’re very widely supported (every iOS device, every video streaming service, etc) and provides a much better experience for your mobile clients.


Example Twitter Player Card:

Example MP4 file:

Example M3U8 playlist:



Bump!! Very interesting feature, and in my job there would be a great interest in seeing this working… Anybody has developed succesfully a HLS player card, or anyone in support service could tell us if it’s possible or are there any restriction?


Bump! We have a lot of cool Live content, would love to find a way to integrate them cleanly…


+1 HLS support in Player Cards.


We also have live streams over M3U8 and would love to see this feature in the future.


Bump! this would be awesome!


Hi @DonMacAskill,

You can set the twitter:player:stream source to your M3U8 url and it will play inline in the Twitter app on iOS. Desktop will pull in you video player page, so just make sure that is set up to live stream.

I’ve personally tested this with a M3U8 steam from Brightcove. Give it a shot. Hope this helps.