Are the function of page peeker and twitter card same? If not using twitter card still page peeker will work?




My name is Saumya, I am reading many articles from last week but still not able to find the answer that. What is twitter card?

Is twitter card is work like page peeker only for the Twitter website when you’ll paste a link page peeker will preview a thumbnail and show the image of the website. If not then how It is different?

It is very urgent for me to add the twitter card to my website. I am looking forward to your best answer.

Every answer will be appreciated by me.

With Best Regards


I’ve never come across page peeker.

You can read about Twitter Cards here. They are configured via small metadata snippets on your page so that when you share a link on Twitter, a summary and image appear in the Tweet.


A very big thank you! I felt very good. Thanks for sharing a link.


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