Are retweet events published by user stream?


Didn’t find them in


They aren’t streamed as “events” so much as tweets that just happen to contain a “retweeted_status” child node containing the originally retweeted tweet.


I think OP was asking about the retweets of the current user’s tweets. There is no retweet event but there is quoted_tweet event listed in the Event Type list. I know there’s a difference between “retweets” and “quoted tweets”, so I’m curious which event would be fired when the logged in user’s tweet is retweeted.


Quoted Tweets are a much newer concept and I do not believe they have a distinct streaming event. Native Retweets would be the only ones that cause an event to be fired.


I tried it out. The quoted_tweet event is only fired for quoted tweets and not retweets, and that brings me back to the original question; are retweet events (when tweets of the logged in user are retweeted) published by the user stream and if yes, what is the event name?

I do remember there being a retweet event type sometime back in 2012 (70% sure), but can’t seem to find it now. I’m probably missing something obvious.