Are apps allowed to post content via RSS on Twitter?



Is it allowed for Apps to auto post content via RSS feed to twitter handles?

I see that you can do it on dlvrit, with a rule that users are no longer able to connect more than one Twitter account to a single RSS feed for automated posting.

I wanted to know if this rule is valid for twitter because I’d like to create an app that allows this, however, wanted to be 100% sure that our app doesn’t get suspended.

Let me know if there are any other security checks we should put in place to keep us and our users safe. :slight_smile:



Please see this blog post, which states:

  • While we continue to permit cross-posting outside information (such as weather alerts or RSS feeds) to Twitter using automation, you should only post this content to one account you control.


Oh, that helps, Andy!
Sorry I missed it out.