Architecture of an application using twitter4j



Hello, please i want to know the architecture of my application. My application is ussd twitter application. I used the library twitter4j to implement the fonctionalities of twitter. But i didn’t work and develop the part of the ussd and network, just i used eclipse java to do my application. The part of ussd wasn’t developped i mean that i can not execute my application on a phone but it just works on eclipse. So my question is in my report in conception i talk about the ussd architecture and after that i talk about my application architecture or just i talk about my application architecture only?? and waht is my application’s architecture? Is it three tier architecture? I just used the library twitter4j. Client tier is the user of my application, the business logic tier is treatment and processing and database tier is the twitter’s servers ??? Please i need your help and i wait your answer. If you have some links to help me please send it to me. Thank you very much. Best regards.


Someone can help me please and answer me. I don’t find any information about that. Please i wait you.


Unfortunately I’m not aware of what you mean throughout your original post by “ussd” - what is this?

I think folks here may be able to help with specific Twitter4J questions if you have them and can share code, but beyond that, it is difficult to understand what you are asking.