Aprroval for multiple card types for subdomains


Hi, I’m @amagitakayosi, working at a blog service company.

We want our blogs approved for multiple types of twitter cards: summary, summary_large_image, gallery.
Also we want approval for all our domains.

However, we found we have only a request form beside validator.
This form have these limitations:

First, we can request only for 1 subdomain per once.

Second, we can request only after validator says it’s valid.
If we need approval for gallery card in ‘*.example.com’, we need to implement gallery card tags in ‘example.com’.
But generally different domains need different card types.

In this case, ‘http://example.com’ is URL for top page of the service and ‘*.example.com’ is for users’ blogs.
The former only needs to be approved and impremented for summary card, but the latter needs to be approved for summary, summary_large_image, gallery … the type depends on blogs or user posts.

Is there any way for such request?
or Please let me know if you found some fault above.