April 2015 - Twitter cards stopped working?


Last August (2015) I created both a Summary Card with Large Image and a Product Card for my client, Centers Business Management (CBM). Both cards worked fine until recently. Both still validate (http://cbm1.com and http://cbm1.com/services.php, respectively). I’ve read past posts on similar issues without finding an answer. The code on the respective web pages hasn’t changed in any way that would effect the cards (that is, the meta information has not been changed). Ideas?

I am reading the troubleshooting’s “My Card doesn’t appear in the timeline” entry but admittedly not completely following it. (https://dev.twitter.com/cards/troubleshooting#timeline) Has Twitter changed how the cards display?

If the troubleshooting topic “My tweet is missing the image/video/summary text” is the case, will the card still validate? That is, since the cards I created for my client still validate, can I knock this possible cause off the list?


I just posted the second URL in a Tweet, and the product card rendered fine in the Tweet detail view (you’ll need to click through to the tweet itself below to see it).

Is this not what you are seeing?


Interesting, because, no, we weren’t getting anything. I will retry the main URL (Summary card) now…


If I type a simple message such as Testing CBM Summary Card cbm1.com (with or without the http:// at the beginning), no summary card appears: The viewer has to click on the rather small View Summary in the lower righthand corner of the tweet cell. That’s new. Is there no way for the card to automatically appear? Same actually goes for the product card (have to click on a link at lower right). Is the only way to get the information we want displayed to show up is by encapsulating it into a photo and attaching that way? Kind of defeats the purpose of the cards, doesn’t it?


Cards have always required a click-through via the link at the bottom right - this is not new. Cards will appear in the timeline when a Tweet is promoted, but otherwise users have to view the Tweet details to see Summary, Product etc information.