Apps not returned in API call for them - app_lists


For our account, we are not getting the list of Apps created via
(added via ad new app button -> popup dialog -> android -> and then pasted url).

Apps appear in the list, but when we try to fetch them via GET accounts/:account_id/app_lists, we get no results.

We even tried to do a POST accounts/:account_id/app_lists, and that way newly created app is returned via API call, but it does not appear in manage apps page, but, strange enough, as unmanageable tailored audience in


@Nennad could you please provide us with a twurl request that reproduces this issue of incorrectly sending back no results?

twurl -H "/0/accounts/18ce53wamhe/app_lists"


I’m having the same issue, Has there been any progress on this issue?


After reading this: How can we create an App via the Twitter Ads API? I understand that Twitter Ads doesn’t maintain an app library like the Twitter Ads UI. But, how are we supposed to retrieve those apps that the user already created through the Twitter Ads UI, the user should be able to manage the same apps in the Twitter Ads UI and our product.

I appreciate any help. :slight_smile:



bump => any thoughts on this issue? @k4rliky has a really good point. My issue is the same as well, and it is from this forum post. How can we create an App via the Twitter Ads API?

If anything, I just want to understand what the point of the APP_LISTs API endpoint is, if it is not to manage, retrieve and use the Apps? It is really very painful to expect and ultimately force the end user to know the APP ID per platform when creating an App card.

Is there a way that you can amend the GET accounts/:account_id/app_lists endpoint to provide the details of the apps related to the account? The POST accounts/:account_id/app_lists does this already. For instance, consider the following:

twurl -H "" "/0/accounts/18ce53y91ub/app_lists?name=Twitter by Hyfn&,333903271"

And here is the response.

{"data_type"=>"app_list", "data"=> {"id"=>"16nyt", "name"=>"Twitter by Hyfn", "apps"=> [{"app_store_identifier"=>"333903271", "os_type"=>"iOS"}, {"app_store_identifier"=>"", "os_type"=>"Android"}]}, "request"=> {"params"=> {"app_store_identifiers"=>["", "333903271"], "name"=>"Twitter by Hyfn", "account_id"=>"18ce53yrq2p"}}}

It would be really great if someone could confirm if there are any plans to have the GET accounts/:account_id/app_lists provide these same details.

If not, can you please let me know why this APP_LISTS feature exists, and what to use it for?