Apps Missing from List in Application Managment


We’re currently missing a whole host of Twitter Dev Apps from our manage Dev Apps page.
We create the these apps for our Wireless hotspot portals in order to allow users to authenticate over wifi using twitter as social media login option.

We have not had any indications or warning messages to say we have reached a specific app creation limit and there is no second page list either.
Yet the apps were created successfully and users are able to login using Twitter using the app credentials.

Can anyone advise here…


I too am having this issue.

Apps have been created, configured on our site, members can visit the site and log into Twitter however i cannot find the app on No second page, no notifications about app quantity limits, nothing.

I’ve been able to avoid the issue by always copying the key and secret right when i create the app however i ran into an issue this time which prevented me from grabbing it. Now i can’t create a new app to get the key and secret because the name is taken.

This issue is almost a year old so i’m skeptical about a resolution but i need the key and secret by the end of the week (client wants to go live on Monday). Is there anything that can be done? Is there some sort of workaround? Help!


The workaround would be to save the app ID from the URL and then you can manually navigate to[appID]/show even if it doesn’t show up in your list.


Where can i find the app ID? I thought of that but the only place i see the ID is on the app page, which is what i’m having problems accessing right now.


If you have a consumer key you can raise a ticket at and the team may be able to help you - don’t share it here for privacy reasons. Otherwise you’d need to keep track on future app creations.


I’ve contacted support. I don’t have a consumer key, i’ve already stated that that is my issue. I also said i already keep track of this stuff but i wasn’t able to this time because of an error.

I’ll update this thread if support gives me an answer that may help others with this issue.


My apologies - I misread your original post, my mistake! :rolling_eyes:

The problem is that we are unable to provide individual support for accounts and apps via a public forum, so the support channel is the best option. I hope we can help you figure it out!


Is there any other way to retrieve all the APP IDs associated to our account? I submitted a ticket to the link given above ( with consumer keys (General Issue : 33652610, Reference #ref:00DA0000000K0A8.500G000000ybWdj:ref) but haven’t heard back from them after over two weeks.

We raised this issue a year ago as well: App list is limited


I submitted a ticket as well and haven’t heard back either.

Come on Twitter! This is ridiculous. How can you not let us see all of our created apps? How did this get past QA?!


Thanks! The issue has been resolved.