Approved, website validated but no twitter card shown


Happy new year to all of you! Hopefully you can help me. Yesterday my domain was approved and I tried it this morning with: - the validator shows tha everything is alright but no twitter card is shown. I used for testing.





Well, now it looks like it is working. Maybe it will take a while form recieving the confirmation mail.




please am new here am having same problem i recently received approval on our Summary large Twitter Card. All the tags validate properly, however when linking to the page from a tweet, the card show the old picture and thumbmail i used for the validation even when i change it is still the same my blog is Any help would be appreciated.


You’ll need to wait for a few days for the crawler to update the cache. You can read more about how this works on our Troubleshooting page.


I am experiencing the same issue, the card validator shows the card but the site doesn’t. below is the link :


I just Tweeted that link and a card showed up. Can you please provide the permalink to a Tweet that is not showing it? Where are you viewing the Tweet, on desktop or in a mobile app?


It work at time and disappears


Uf we change it ti the summary card it works most of the times.



fter waiting for so many days still cant display.i done everything possible please kindly help me thanks


my site url is


Your picture shows that the card is displaying. It seems to work for me. What is the exact problem you’re having here?


i cant see the card on my timeline no image comes up if u look at my posts so far u will note its only text but on facebook book it comes out with images


When I post that link myself, the card shows. You’re posting URLs which is using a link shortener that doesn’t support the cards.



am using hootsuite and some times posts from facebook also but both comes to my timeline and i choose the one i want please cau u take a snap shoot let me see whats displaying from your side


The screenshot you’ve shown above shows Facebook which we cannot help you with. When I post a link to your site I see a card in the timeline. I’m sorry that you’re still having issues, but this is working as expected from what I can see.