Approved, unapproved, pending approval, approved


Noticed earlier this morning that Twitter cards were no longer showing up for one of my sites, @omgubuntu.

We’ve been using twitter cards without issue for a long time now so it was surprising to see, upon checking a link with the validator, that our ‘site [is] not approved’. I tried a different, older URL and it said ‘site approved’.

Curious, I tried another URL and got ‘site not approved’. This time I hit the ‘request approval’ button and filled out the form.

All of our markup is detected fine, so there’s no issue on that score. Similarly, we’ve never had an issue with images being too small to preview or anything like that.

Whatever the status, as of writing no cards are showing up on our Twitter profile on the web, or any tweets containing our domain links in the Android application.

Is there a way to get/find clarification on our status?