Approvals: Domain-wide or page by page?


I handle my employer’s Twitter account and would like to start adding summary cards to tweets about news releases. I don’t know much about coding, and I’m a bit confused about the approval process for cards… is the approval for our @ handle’s use of cards, or is it for approving the actual cards one-by-one?

We like to tweet a link to a news releases a few seconds after we publish, so I’m concerned that individual approval of the cards would cause delays. Am I missing something here?

If you are a business or individual who uses cards for newly published content such as blog posts or news releases, I’d love to hear about your process.



Hi @LenaElch,

You will only need to submit the domain and once approved this will cover all pages within the domain. To gain approval for a Twitter card, please be sure to follow these steps:

• Read through the documentation (, test different Card types in our validator, and then select a Card type
• After that, you can begin adding the markup tags ( to the pages
• Test the URLs against our validator tool (
• Request approval once the integration validates in step #3