Do I have to get every single page approved every time I post a new page? I work for an HVAC company, and as you might imagine we are posting several blog articles weekly. We want this to all have twitter cards. The domain is already approved, but I was wondering if there is any way to not have to put the url into the “validate and apply” field to get it approved for every single blog post? It’s not the end of the world but it does feel like an extra unnecessary step.



You should not need to do this, your domain itself should be approved. Are you seeing something different?

Can you share a link to one of the posts with a card for me to verify?


Right, it seems weird. I just put in the proper twitter card meta data for this post:

but when I tweet it, I don’t get the summary card.


Hi Andy, with me happened something like that, I made what I found at Twitter and the post does not work.
The situation was this one: I looked for a solution to Twitter Card Summary, but I was looking for to do once not with all post, and I read that doing once and putting the code and doing the Card Summary validation and receiving the approval after this the action was not necessary for all posts, including old post supposed to work, this does not happens. So what I did? I put the instructions in the specific post and then I made the validation after this I got the summary.

Sorry for my bad English, I’m not American I’m Brazilian.
Thanks for your time and attention


I’ve just tweeted that link myself from a test account, and the card shows up fine (when you click to expand the tweet) - your site also passes the validator as being approved at the domain level.


Again, if you can share an example link, I can check. Remember that cards only show up if you click the “View summary” link in the bottom of the tweet, and only on and official Twitter mobile clients on iOS and Android.