Applying for Twitter Card Approval



How to apply for Twitter Card Approval ?

We want to enable Twitter Card for one Website.

Tried to access this but it is redirecting to this url.



Hello Vaskar,

Once your Twitter Cards markup is ready, please use the validator to request approval for your domain name here:

Let us know if you need further help.



I have implemented twitter card on my website for post page. here is an eample

I have checked it from twitter card validator it’s seems all meta tags works fine but just i need the approval request and i didn’t get it until now.

I have recived email from twitter they told me that it looks like * was rejected for not implementing the Card correctly. It looks like you may be embedding more than just the video? At least on desktop – the sizing and whitespace are all off and when you click within the Card, it opens up other parts of their site. The mobile experience is also sized incorrectly.

So anyone can help me!