Applying for *


How do I apply for a wildcard subdomain? I requested approval for and it was approved but when I try a different subdomain it doesn’t work. I need http://* to work for Twitter Cards. Please let me know what I need to do to get approved. Thanks!


Hi Rachel, You should submit the root domain (format e.g., * in order to incorporate subdomains. Please feel free to resubmit through the cards validator in this format. If you continue to experience issues you can log a ticket at


How should I submit the root domain, Aaron? Thanks a lot!


You can submit your root domain through the cards validator tool at


Has the validator changed in this regard since this post?

The current validator appears to require a valid URL in order to fetch meta tags and present the “Request whitelisting” button. Entering wildcards (e.g. * or root domains (e.g., where implementation is actually at and just gives an error (“ERROR: Fetching the page failed […]”) due to being an invalid URL.

We are currently whitelisted at something like “”, and would like to extend that to production at, e.g. “*”.

How can we go about doing this?


Whitelisting Player card for root domain (*