Applying for developer account, under review for more than 6 months!



I’m PhD student. My whole research depends on Twitter data. I applied for developer account in March 2018. I received an email from the team asking me further information about who is going see the data (information about government agencies etc etc. I told them that I did a mistake no body is going to see the data only I, a research assistance and some doctors who are going to see the text . Today, I re-read their email and I noticed that they asked for use scenario which I didont pay attention at that time. I just response to them. Can any body help!

my account is @yahalbalawi


Hello @yahalbalawi,

It sounds like we recently sent you a response via email to your application. Please respond ASAP to keep the process moving.


Hello @LeBraat,

Thanks for your replay
I responded to the email last night. It sounds the process already moving!


Hello @LeBraat,

No replied yet. I’m just posting this to rule out any confusion as I have replied to your email before your reply here.
Please, can you kindly confirm, If you have received my responsive email?!


I personally cannot confirm at this time, but I’m sure our team did receive your response. Have you seen any progress?


Not really. I really appreciate your kind response but I really don’t know what to do today!. My project is on the edge!
Twitter enterprise team seems to respond more quickly but the price they offered to me was too expensive and I couldn’t afford it. Twitter premium solution is exactly what I need but it is unclear when and how they will respond!


I’m really sorry to hear this. There is not much I can do in this situation other than to continue to encourage you to keep an eye on your email(s) related to your application. We will, or have already, been in contact either looking for more info or with an approval/rejection.


They rejected my application. I got a letter from them stating that ‘We are unable to serve your use case at this time’.
My case research is my proposal I spent more than 10 months developing the proposal and all my methods come directly from the literature after systematically reviewing related papers some papers I found analysed more than 1 billion tweets.

So why they rejected me?
My subject is arabic tweets, my topic is health and there is no much work in the combination of these two things in the literature. If we talk about arabic tweets and politics yes there is too many works. Arabic and public opinion yes there is too many works. But arabic tweets and health, there is no much works. Even western institutes who analyse Twitter data, they are mostly looking at arabic and politics related topics. This might suggest, Twitter granted access for organisations who interest in arabic tweets, if they only analyse tweets for politics and public opinions!

Yes I know, I’m an individual case so I cannot generalise my case. However, I have seen here on Twitter forum, one academic educators has been offered different scenario (case of academic educators access). As a researcher when a company like Twitter act as a gatekeeper, I believe it is ethical to give equal opportunity to the researchers regardless of any other considerations, of course except ethical reasons.
I don’t believe I break any Twitter policy at all. I knew them very well! and it is the reason why I wrote the above statement.

However, having said this. I don’t believe their rejection is due to some personal opinions but I’m in doubt about the organisational culture!

Best regards,


Hello @yahalbalawi,

I appreciate the response. I’m sorry but we cannot discuss specifics around any applications via the forum due to privacy concerns.

Please understand that we have to be very careful about who we approve for access to our developer platform. I suggest that you follow us via the accounts and mediums listed in our stay informed page to receive future updates on the account application process.


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