Applying for developer account, under review for more than 6 months!



I’m PhD student. My whole research depends on Twitter data. I applied for developer account in March 2018. I received an email from the team asking me further information about who is going see the data (information about government agencies etc etc. I told them that I did a mistake no body is going to see the data only I, a research assistance and some doctors who are going to see the text . Today, I re-read their email and I noticed that they asked for use scenario which I didont pay attention at that time. I just response to them. Can any body help!

my account is @yahalbalawi


Hello @yahalbalawi,

It sounds like we recently sent you a response via email to your application. Please respond ASAP to keep the process moving.


Hello @LeBraat,

Thanks for your replay
I responded to the email last night. It sounds the process already moving!