Applying for ads api access


I’m trying to get an idea of how long I will have to wait to get Ad’s API Access.

My Owner ID is : 3955433115


Hi! Could you please confirm the App ID you have used to request access to the Ads API?
We can’t seem to find anything in our record related to your Owner ID.



My App ID 13399231


Hi, we submitted an application for Twitter Ads API around one month ago and have not heard from Twitter since then.
We did not even receive a confirmation mail when applied.
Could you please provide us with information on the status of our application? And how long will it take?

App ID: 13322480



We can’t find your App ID in our record. Could you please reapply from the link below and let me know when it’s done?


Hi! We have granted last week Developer Access to App ID 13322480. You should have received an automatic email after the approval was processed - I’m afraid it might ended up in your spam folder.


Hi Mauro,

I just applied again and here is my app ID : 13427365

it’s called ‘digitalmarketingtool’


Thanks for letting us know. We just granted you access and you should be good to go.


Hi, I’m just wondering how long approval for the ads api typically takes? We applied 10 days or so ago but haven’t heard anything either way.




Hi Ronan, thanks for letting us know. We just just reviewed your application and approved it.


Thank you!