Applied for Elevated POST access but didn't receive any response




We are TweetKit, a third party Twitter client android application which mainly provides Twitter analytics data (like most liked and retweeted tweets of a Twitter account etc) along with some write access to our users.

We applied for elevated POST access on 26th September 2018 but have not received any reply from Twitter till date.

FYI, our developer account is already approved by Twitter.

Please let us know, Is there anything else we need to do. As you know this limit has been enforced from yesterday (22 Oct), hence it will be very hard for us to sustain anymore.


I had our agents check our system and we found a few things:

  1. Your app isn’t active at a level that would require an elevation. Is there a specific reason why you are applying for one?
  2. We don’t see a POST request from you. We do see another ticket that was submitted recently, but our team has responded to you asking for more information.

If you do believe that you need an elevation, please follow the directions listed in our recent announcement.



Thanks for replying.

As of now, our application has a small user base but considering its growth rate and interest shown by our users, we are sure that we are going to need elevation. Considering the future prospects, we applied for elevated POST access.

To apply for the elevation, we followed the steps which are mentioned by you in the below link:

But, we did not receive any response from Twitter except and auto generated email from

Please let us know if we need to reply on that email, submit the form again or wait till we have a decent user base.

We can share the content of the email which was sent to us by, if required.


We are not currently providing elevations for future needs. As you approach the existing rate limits, please check back and we will gladly consider your application.


Sure. Thank you.


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