Application was not approved



Using this account, we applied for a developers account, but it was not approved.

Then, we created a new twitter account and tried to apply one more time: We did everything the same, except we changed the description, so it was more clear this second time - and the developers account WAS approved.

Our question is: is it possible to re-apply for the developers account with THIS twitter, for which the application was previously rejected? We will apply using the exact same steps and information as we did for our second account, which was approved.

We want to do this because, we do not want to lose our greatly respected followers, by creating a new account.


Hi @offershodlhodl - unfortunately this is not possible at the moment: there is no way to edit a rejected application or to re-apply with the same account. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

You can stay informed for product updates/changes.


Please advise, whether there is any way to for us to receive a developers account? The use case itself was approved and does not contradict with Twitter rules…


@offershodlhodl - There is no way of doing this: if your application with @example_handle was rejected, you cannot have a developer account linked to the @example_handle Twitter account.


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