Application Use



I believe I’m misunderstanding the use of Twitter Applications - I’ve created an application which is used for a PHP / jQuery widget within multiple WordPress themes as a way to retrieve X number of tweets for various Twitter accounts.

Recently, I’ve had a number of users of my themes, complaining that the tweets no longer show or only show now and then. I’m guessing this is due to the rate limit being reached?

I’m using the 1.1 API, along with OAuth - is this the wrong use of a Twitter Application, if so, what do you suggest I do to achieve this?


What form of auth are you using to accomplish this? App-only auth is rate limited in a way that would make serving multiple sites from the same application difficult. Does your code monitor rate limits? Perhaps you should make a greater use of caching?


I’m using TwitterOAuth to achieve this. I could use a wordpress caching method to cache this for 15mins, however I still think it will hit the limit.

Is the only way around this to get each user to set up their own Apps and enter their auth / key details into the widget?