Application update not working


We can’t update our apps using the Twitter dashboard on ( -> my apps). The saving button works fine but it doesn’t actually update our app.

Is this a known bug or am I doing something wrong?


What change are you trying to make / what update are you not seeing after hitting Save?


We’re trying to update the logo of the application but it doesn’t matter which field we update. It won’t save correctly.


Do you already have a status update?


I’ve just successfully tried to update icons on a couple of apps and it seems to have worked. I assume your icon matches the requirements? (<700k, JPG/GIF/PNG)


Yes we match the requirements. When we upload an image it doesn’t change. Not in the interface and not in our login-screen of the app. We also can’t update the Organization section. We don’t get any errors.

AppId: 7131572


Do you already have a status update?


Do you already have a status update? bump


I’m afraid I don’t have any information why this wouldn’t be working. Have you tried creating a new application and updating the icon?


We tried the following things:

  • JPG type
  • PNG type
  • Different filesizes (as small as 3KB)


You can see our “flow” in this video:

We also couldn’t create a new application.

Can't update application or create a new one

Same problem here.
I can’t even update the name of the app. Also can’t create a new app.

What’s going on?