Application under review


I have sent my application for developer account and API key, but still in pending status . Would you please give update?


Hi @NtCodingDream - we sent you an email on 1/28/2019. Please check your Junk and Spam folders if you can’t find this email in your main Inbox and respond to it for your application to be processed.


Hi Aurelia, I have not found that mail,even in spam folders, would you please resend that letter ?


Hi @NtCodingDream - the team will be resending this email in the next day or two.


@NtCodingDream - for your information, this email has now been sent. It looks like we have already previously sent it twice before. So please make sure to check your Junk and Spam folders.


I thoroughly check my mailbox including Junk and Spam folder, but still cannot find that mail. The last mail I received about my application is on 1/18/2019. And I have replied that mail right after I received it. Would you please check it?


"I am trying to apply a developer account for researching and learning purpose.

I am an independent cyber security researcher who want to collecting the IOC(Indicator of Compromise) tweeted online and do some aggregation.

I plan to using Twitter API to analyze the content of the specific user account , especially the popular one in cyber security industry.

Basically I will not using Tweeting and Retweeting function"


Is the mailbox address you sent Is there other method I can provide the information about my developer account review?


Hi @NtCodingDream - yes I can confirm that this is the email address that the email was sent to (on Monday 02/11). Can you check that you don’t have any spam prevention tool in place that’s preventing that email from coming through?