Application under review


Hi I’ve just logged into my twitter dev portal and noticed the “Application under review process”. Noticed quite a few messages on this forum about the same.

Its possible I missed the said email. Please can you resend any emails I might have missed?

If its still under review, why is it taking this long?



Hi @CasualKC - what is the @handle associated to your application? I can’t seem to find anything linked to the username CasualKC


Hi. my account @ ThailandSunny has been under review for 5 days. We didnt receive any emails. Is there anything we can do?


How long does it normally take to get approved? Its been almost a week now for @ThailandSunny


@ThailandSunny - we sent you a follow up email asking for more information about your use case on 1/6/2019. You will have to respond to this email for your application to be processed. Check your Junk and Spam folders if you can’t find the email in your main Inbox.


look this pls sis @Aurelia


Hi - What exactly is your question here @first1n?


This is the only mail I received from you guys. Is that the one you are talking about?


Hi @Aurelia,

Unfortunately, I am unable to list any apps. All I see is the below screen.

Is there anywhere else I could retrieve this information from?



Hi @CasualKC - all I’d need to know to investigate and re-send you the email is the @handle of the Twitter account you used to apply for a developer account. Could you share this with me?


Twitter Application Under Review look this pls @Aurelia


Hi @Aurelia

Apologies for that.

My twitter handle is
Is that what you are after?



Thanks @CasualKC - we originally sent you a follow up email on 9/3/2018. I’ve asked the team to re-send you this email. You should get this in the next few days. Please check your Junk and Spam folders as well as you main Inbox and respond to it in as much detail as possible.


Thanks for your help. I will respond to the email as soon as I see it,



Hi, also my account @ xlifestylee has been under review from november, maybe I’ve lost activation email… how resend him?


nobody can help me???


Hi @Aurelia,

Just to update that i did receive an email from twitter to furnish further information. my account’s been approved once I provided relevant information.

Thanks for your help.

I am thinking of deleting this Post as there are many others which are similar. Any advice on whether I should leave this open?


Thanks @CasualKC - we can leave this post here; however I will close it, as it is now solved.