Application under review


Hi, I’m applied for a twitter developer account in October 8 (one month ago), but I don’t receive any contact or status, the account still only shows as in review (“Application under review”).

The await time is about to exced one month, this is normal? Is there anything I can or need to do?



Hi @AytyTechAdriano - what Twitter handle did you apply with?


Hi, I apply with @AytyTechAdriano.


It looks like we reached out to on October 9th requesting additional information about your use case. Would you mind checking this email inbox and responding if you can find it? That will reopen your application.


LeBraat, thanks for the return!

I originally did not receive the email, but I checked with my Infra team, and for some reason the email was blocked in the spam filter of our e-mail server, and unfortunately it is no longer able to retrieve then, it’s possible to send the e-mail again?



Hi @AytyTechAdriano - I have asked the team here to re-send the email. Please keep an eye open for it.