Application under review from august



I applied to a developper account, I received an email asking me for more details 29/08/2018, I answered it 02/09/2018 but still no answer.
i send inquery in 25/9/2018 and 24/10/2018 but still no answer.


Is anyone can help me about this issue here?

Thank you



I’ve asked our team what’s happening. I’ll let you know what I hear.



Hello @MOH_Madinah_CPM. Due to the sensitive nature of your developer application, I’m not able to see what’s going on to give you an update. I’m seeing it’s still active, but the only option at this time is to wait for the team handling the application to get back to you via email. I’m sorry for the inconvenince and wish I could be of more help.



Thanks Hamza

Can you please help me

It’s urgent


Unfortunately, there is not much we can do to help here. Please be patient as we work through the process.