Application under review but no email recevied


I’m watiting for an email to review the developer account for @FetchtheCity

The application for API access is still under review and I’ve followed the instructions on when I login but I either missed or didn’t get an email that I could reply to in order to progress the application…

Is it possible for you guys to resend the email to me please?



Hi @FetchtheCity - we sent you an email on 8/6/2018. I will ask the team here to re-send this email.


Thank you, the email arrived…


Hi @Aurelia I’ve just emailed my reply back so I’ll wait to hear from the team… do you know how long they take to approve the account?


Hi @FetchtheCity - it shouldn’t take too long: a few working days. I suggest you keep an eye on your Junk and Spam folders, in case our emails don’t make it to your main Inbox.


Great, thank you


Let me know if you haven’t received anything by the end of the week.


Will do…


Hi Aurelia, all sorted, the account was approved, thank you!