Application suspension


My application suspended 2,5 days ago. After getting the information email I emailed an appeal.
It has ticket number #9269520.
I didn’t get any reply to my email since 2 days.
What is the average duration for reply ?
I check my emails every 10 minutes and no replies…


3 days 11 hours and still no response from my appeal to Twitter support team…


I should note that first email didn’t give any reason about the suspension. I asked for the reason. Still waiting the reason.


I found this thread. It is written that they didn’t get any response for 1 week.


Is there a prioritization between the support tickets ?
(4 days and still no response and reason)


Some isimlar issue:


my twitter has been suspended for a month for abusive spam that i had nothing to with and i really don’t feel like making a new twitter this is beyond frustrating



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