Application stopped working suddenly



I have a web application that simply loads JSON into a PHP page after hitting the Twitter Search.
It utilizes the library called, TwitterAPIExchange, which is located here:

This library has not changed, nor has my code in months.
But just the other day I’ve noticed it stopped working.

I cannot determine what happened after testing it multiple times. Can anyone point me in the right direction? It seems as if I’m not authenticating, but nothing has changed recently that would have broken my access tokens or authentication.

For what it’s worth, this is the url of the application:



Can you tell us any more about what you mean by “it stopped working”. Do you get any error response? Do the PHP logs show any indication of what is happening when the code calls the Twitter API? Are you able to isolate a simple test case demonstrating a failed call to the Twitter API using the library?

We love to see simple code examples which can repeatedly demonstrate an issue, as it helps us to help you to debug what might be going on! :wink:


Sorry for the lack of previous information. I was having trouble trying to create a test scenario I could isolate parts of the application with. When I would isolate anything, the authentication would fail.
I finally thought that maybe something is amiss with the https connection. I’m guessing if the Twitter API needs SSL, and my page was not operating over SSL, it could’ve had some sort of problem with that. I asked our network team to add an SSL cert to the box that this feed was being served up from, and that seems to have fixed the problem. Even if I’m not hitting the feed page via “https”, it “fixed” it, and I can get search results back from the Twitter API.

I’m not sure what actually fixed the problem, but this could possibly help someone troubleshoot their application later on.