Application Still Under Review - Waiting over a month


@museetheapp - Awesome to hear! Happy developing, and sorry for any inconveniences.

@threecee - The agent reopened your case. Please make sure to answer any questions they may have.


Thanks, all!

I just replied to the email. Hope I can be approved soon!


Just letting you know my app’s been approved a few weeks ago. Working mainly, but now I’m getting the dreaded code 89 errors on only 2 of my accounts, but not on the others. Not sure why


Case Ref: ref:00DA0000000K0A8.5004A00001TwQDr:ref

Hi, I applied for a developer account in the middle of September but is still under review. I’ve confirmed the email address linked to the Twitter account, @beauhostleaks but haven’t received any other information. Please, could you take a look and let me know if anything else is outstanding?

Many thanks,


Hi @beauhostleaks - we sent you a follow-up email asking for more information on 9/7/2018. As you did not respond to this email, your application was automatically closed.

I will reopen your application. Please be on the lookout for an email asking for more information (check your Junk and Spam folders) and respond to it as soon as possible and in as much detail as possible.


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