Application Still Under Review - Waiting over a month


Hi all, first post here.

I created an API application well over a month ago now on behalf of a client to create and embed a custom timeline feed on their website and nothing has happened. neither myself or the client has received any info about this in the meantime.

The application was made under the clients account @Circuit_VIP

Is it possible to find out from anywhere what the holdup might be? The client is looking to push their new site live in the next couple of weeks and we really need to get this sorted.



We’re having the same problem over here, I just tried contacting Twitter Support via their “need help” link in the footer of the developers site.


Hi @MarcaInSocial - thanks for the reply, let me know if you get an answer :smile:



Hi @JamesPayne - We sent you an email on August 30th asking for additional information regarding your application; however, given that we received no response, your case was automatically closed.

I can re-open your application - but, this time, please make sure to check your Inbox (including Junk and Spam folders) for a follow-up email. Please also make sure to respond in a timely manner and in as much detail possible, for us to then be able to process your application.


@MarcaInSocial - what Twitter handle did you use to create your application?


Hi @AureliaSpecker - thanks for the reply. I submitted the application on behalf of the client as we are building a new website for them and they wouldn’t know how to apply for API access.

The twitter handle for the application was through the client account - Circuit_VIP



Hi @JamesPayne - my guess is that our follow-up email was sent to your client (or to the email address associated with @Circuit_VIP). For your application to be processed properly, make sure that any incoming emails regarding your dev application are responded to in a timely manner.


They replied after this post. Sadly the developer account application was denied without explanation

@AureliaSpecker is it possible to apply again? can I know what aspects of my application caused the denial?


i’m also having a problem with creating a twitter application.
My application is still under review.


@AureliaSpecker plz need some help


I too have been waiting over a month for my developer account to be approved. I have been checking my email daily (inbox, spam folder etc.) for a question or any other response from Twitter Support but nothing has come. Could someone please help me? My fledgling startup is being severely impacted and I would so appreciate it!


All of our developer applications are reviewed to ensure compliance with Twitter policy. While we can’t comment on specific cases, applications may be rejected if they are found to be in violation of any section of the Developer Agreement and Policy, Automation Rules, Display Requirements, and/or the Twitter Rules.

Additional information on restricted uses of Twitter APIs is available here.

There currently isn’t a way to edit a rejected application, or to re-apply, however stay informed for product updates/changes.


@VeneMous_kid It may take up to a month to be approved. We are actively working to improve wait times.

Please make sure to check your Inbox (including Junk and Spam folders) for a follow-up email. If you receive an email asking for more information, please make sure to respond in a timely manner and in as much detail possible, for us to then be able to process your application.


@museetheapp We sent you an email on September 21st asking for more information. As we did not receive any response, your case was automatically closed. I will reopen your case. Please look out for an email asking for additional details and make sure to respond in as much detail as possible and in a timely manner.


Thanks Aurelia. Please note that I changed the email address in my @museetheapp settings to this email’s return address on September 26th and resubmitted the application, so hopefully correspondence going forward will come to this address (

Thanks again,


John Paris



+1 646 599 6447


I also wait for the reply over a week, and I really need to use api. Because i must use it to accomplish my coursework named Web Science in Uni of Glasgow.


Dear Aurelia,

I have recovered the September 21st email you referenced asking for more information. I’m very sorry this email was missed; the email address the account was under at the time ( was not being properly monitored. As mentioned in my previous email, I have changed the account to my personal email ( and I assure you I will not miss another email from Twitter Developers.

Since I now have the September 21st email, should I continue to wait until the case is reopened and I receive another email, or should I go ahead and reply to the questions now? Please advise, as I am very eager to establish the @museetheapp developer account.

Kindest Regards,



I’ve been waiting since August, too.

I have an app created before the current changes, and that app is slowly being restricted in what it’s allowed to do. I fear that soon it will be useless and I will not yet have approval for a new application.

I received and responded to an email about my application, that I had multiple accounts/apps. I’ve since deleted them to comply with the Twitter rules. I have no idea whether these changes put me in compliance or not.

Please let me know what I need to do!



@museetheapp - Noted on the email change.

@threecee - I will work with your agent to see what is going on.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for your email.

The email requesting clarifications on our intended use of the Twitter API was resent to us on Monday, still to the old email address but we caught it this time, replied promptly, and our Developer Account was approved the next day. So as long as you’ve noted the change to this address for the @museetheapp developer account, we’re good to go!

Kindest Regards,