Application still pending



I have submitted my application to create a twitter developer account on October 10th. While creating application i submitted the additional information as well. Since then i haven’t got any notification from the concerning team about the status of my account. I would like to mention here that i also got email from account "" on October 11th to provide additional information for my request and was asked to reply to that email, but when i send my response to that email i got delivery failure notification.

I am in urgent need to have access to twitter developer account to finish my project, i request you to please expedite my request.



Hi @nakul_31. Could you try using a different browser/device to reply to that email with your responses to the prompts it asks regarding your use case? If the issue still persists, please let me know.



Hi Hamza,

Thanks for the reply. I tried to reply to that email and apparently this time it went through as i didn’t receive any failure notification yet.

Could you please tell how long generally it takes for the team to review the application and approve it? It will be great if you could please help in expediting it.

Thanks again.


Hi Hamza,

Its been a while now since i replied to the email from twitter developer accounts explaining the rationale behind my request. Since then i haven’t received any communications yet. I can’t emphasize any more how urgent i am in need of this account.

Please expedite my request and process it.



Hi Hamza,

Its been over two weeks since i requested for a developer account and also its been long since i replied to the email where i was asked for more information regarding my request.

I haven’t received any communication yet since then let alone the approval of my request despite my request time and again that i am having an urgent need for this account. I haven’t received even any acknowledgement that my response has been received. I am not sure if i got bit delayed in responding to that email that my request was closed and that my request is still being reviewed.

Could you please tell anything, any status about my application, if its still been reviewed, open or its closed - need to be opened again, any other information is required from my end, etc.? I never expected such huge disregards and ignorance for a customer seeking basic information from such prominent social media organization. I understand that your team is facing volumes of requests, but providing such basic information or keeping customer posted about request, is it too much to ask for?


Hello @nakul_31 - Very sorry for the delay. Our system doesn’t have any record of us having received an email from you. Would you mind responding to our email one more time for us to investigate this potential misconnection?


Hi LeBraat,

Thanks for your message, i received another email from in which i was asked to provide the response.

I replied and in next two minutes i got delivery failure notification (screenshot attached - kindly note the time and other credentials details). It happened to me last time as well, i tried sending my response again and this time i didn’t get any failure notification but apparently based on your message, your system never received my response.

Please advise, what to do, how else i can provide my response.


Let me check with the team to see what is going on here.


I just sent again, no delivery failure notification yet. Can you please check if its delivered?


Hey @nakul_31 - I’m not seeing your response in our system. Could you please pass along the technical details that came along with the message not delivered email?


Hello LeBraat, I am copying the entire message that i received as is:

Message not delivered

There was a problem delivering your message to . See the technical details below.

The response was:

The account is disabled.

I don’t understand what does that mean that my account is disabled. Its very much active, i have received email from your system asking for my response.

Please see to it and let me know what needs to be done from my end.

thanks for your efforts.



Unfortunately this is not an issue on our side of things. To ensure that we keep this process moving, can we work with one of your other email addresses?


Certainly, i can provide another email address. But how its going to work since my twitter account is connected with this email address and also i made my application through this account?

Please advise.



Hi Lebraat,

kindly advise what shall be done now, shall i provide another email address and that should suffice for this application? Or do you want me to initiate the new application through another email account and also open another twitter account through that email id as well at the same time?



Please do provide your email address. I will pass it along to the agent in charge of your account and they will reach out to you about the application that you have already submitted.


Hi Lebraat,

Thanks for reaching out to me, i really appreciate that.

I was in hurry, so i registered for twitter developer account using my gmail account. Through that account only i replied to your team’s follow-up question and my application got approved eventually in three days.

So, i am good now. Kindly close my application that i made through this account.

Please let me know should you have any questions.

thanks and regards