Application still pending



I have submitted my application to create a twitter developer account on October 10th. While creating application i submitted the additional information as well. Since then i haven’t got any notification from the concerning team about the status of my account. I would like to mention here that i also got email from account "" on October 11th to provide additional information for my request and was asked to reply to that email, but when i send my response to that email i got delivery failure notification.

I am in urgent need to have access to twitter developer account to finish my project, i request you to please expedite my request.



Hi @nakul_31. Could you try using a different browser/device to reply to that email with your responses to the prompts it asks regarding your use case? If the issue still persists, please let me know.



Hi Hamza,

Thanks for the reply. I tried to reply to that email and apparently this time it went through as i didn’t receive any failure notification yet.

Could you please tell how long generally it takes for the team to review the application and approve it? It will be great if you could please help in expediting it.

Thanks again.


Hi Hamza,

Its been a while now since i replied to the email from twitter developer accounts explaining the rationale behind my request. Since then i haven’t received any communications yet. I can’t emphasize any more how urgent i am in need of this account.

Please expedite my request and process it.