Application Status?


Sorry twitter, but I have to ask this:
I applied for twitter cards several months ago (I can’t remember exactly when, as I still can’t download my tweet archive). I’m sure it was somewhere around September. Although I read about ~10 Days before approval or denial, I patientally waited several months, but no email from twitter came. 12 Days ago, I re-applied for TwitterCards for my domain - still no notification (not even a rejection notice).

I used shortlinks to present a preview of my content, but seems to pick up the tiniest thumbnail from the promoted picture and then scales it up to 440x330 - FUBAR. So I look forward getting my domain approved to provide higher-quality content. Could anybody please help me out and tell me how long I have to wait until any notification?

Thanks, Damon
PS: This was the link I applied with:
Type: Summary Cards


Thanks Damon - you’ve been whitelisted for Cards. You should have an email in your inbox.


I applied in September but, due to my own ignorance of Twitter Card markup, was not able to complete the application process. I did complete it a couple of weeks ago after using the error reporting research tool. Any idea when I’ll hear back from the team on the status of my app?