Application restricted from performing write actions



I have an application that performs status updates using RT to quote tweets from members I follow. The application has been suspended. I understand that auto retweets using the status/retweet api call are considered spam and are forbidden, but are status updates with the term RT also forbidden?
I’ve been trying to get a response from support to find out why my app is suspended but no one responds. Any help or insight as to why my status update works fine, but not status updates that include RT.


You can find our automation rules here. Additionally, too many @mentions, hashtags, or frequent retweets could be considered spammy by our automated antispam tools, and could cause an app to be write-restricted.

We can’t help with an individual or specific app here - you are free to raise a ticket with the platform support team. You’ll need to respond to any automated email from that form in order for the resulting ticket to be actioned.


@andypiper To better understand the context of spam tweeting, is quoting a tweet i.e posting a link to a tweet considered spam as well. Because the rules encompass mentions and replies but I’m not sure about quoting the tweet since you don’t @ the user anywhere in the tweet.


Think of quote Tweets as analogous to Retweets in this context.