Application information not allowed to be localized on Authorize App screen


I have noticed that when users go to authorize their accounts to be used with our application, there is no way for us to add in additional language support or localizations. So when a user goes to authenticate themselves on the Authorize App (OAuth) page, the Authorize (Company Name Here) to use your account and information below is localized to the device language.

However, the information about the app on the right side is not localized to the device language and there is no way to add different localization strings.

Is this something that is a known issue or something that Twitter plans to add as a future update where companies can localize the information about their applications?


This is definitely something we’ve thought about but have no timeline for addressing currently – until such a time arrives, you’re limited to the fields provided.


Very quick response. Thank you.


Sounds good. We’ll be eagerly awaiting the update when you can fit it into a future sprint, thank you for the quick response.