Application got suspended. I do not know why


I had an application which tweeted on behalf of the user.

  1. The users AGREED to allowing the tweets not just when connecting their twitter account but also ticking a checkbox afterwards
  2. Users had the ability to easy unsubscribe themselves from the service
  3. We replied to ALL user emails promptly and removed users ourselves from our database if they had trouble doing it themselves.

Yet, my application was disabled nonetheless. The application would tweet once per 24 hours, which was agreed by all the users.

Please tell me what I did wrong. And someone from twitter please contact me to get the application back online! We already had 55,000 users so I do not see why it would get shut off now. Maybe because we tweeted too much in one day? But it was still only 1/user

Thanks for all responses!


Plz I want my twitter account back :frowning:
I don’t know what I did wrong :frowning:
It’s been almost a week plz I didn’t
Do anything wrong :frowning: I love twitter