Application for data visualization



I have a question about the Twitter policy and rules.
With the REST API we can get followers and friends from any Twitter user. This data is “public”.
You may know the software You can find a plugin or some tools to import Twitter data in it.
The final aim is to visualize relationships between users. It is useful to see your network, but it can also be used for any user. So you can see a graph with users as nodes and relationships as edges. But it’s not easy to do.
I’m thinking about doing a very simple tool, easy to use, to see instantly a graph just by adding screen names.
Does such a tool respects the Twitter rules and policies ?
On one way, data is public and owners know it, on the other way this could be used to investigate as OSINT.
So what is the opinion of Twitter ? Could the developer job be considered as “illegal” ?

This is not the same purpose but what is the opinion of Twitter about those tools :


You can read Twitter’s developer policy and agreement here. Are there any specific clauses that are not clear in terms of how they apply to this case?

There is a blog post covering our policy related to use of Twitter data for surveillance which makes our position perfectly clear.

We are unable to comment on individual applications on these public forums. If you are concerned about the compliance of an application with our developer policy or the Twitter Rules, please report them to us via the platform support forms so that the team can investigate.