Application development for Twitter users


How to integrate all Twitter options in my C# application?? please help me.



Saying “all” sounds like a pretty big project. You should start with the documentation: Then start out small with a single API. One of the larger challenges you’ll encounter are is OAuth authentication ( You’ll also need to use the .NET HTTP libraries to make requests ( The responses you get back from Twitter are Json, so you’ll need to use a library to extract the data. Microsoft ships DataContractJsonSerializer ( or you could use an open-source library.

If this seems like a lot of work - it is. Twitter has a list of libraries that do a lot of this work for you at You can look at the source code of these libraries to get an idea of how to do this, or just save time and use the library. My project, LINQ to Twitter, is in the list too and you can visit the Web site at