Application cannot perform write actions


Our twitter bot frequently posts animated gifs and tiny text fragments, can this get you blocked? We are 100% not spamming.

Seeing this:

[ { message: 'Application cannot perform write actions. Contact Twitter Platform Operations through',
        code: 261 } ]

Any insight would be appreciated, we need that account for demos!



That sounds likely to have caused your app to be put into read-only mode. Other common causes are unsolicited automated @mentions, favouriting, etc.

The best thing to do is to follow the instruction in the error message and use the Platform Support forms to get assistance.


This makes sense. Our bot is simulating a real user life in manhattan that goes to work, night clubs, galleries etc and on this route stumble into data such as tweets which he interacts with by re-tweeting, favoriting or following. So its not blind spam, it follows a narrative. We can disable that part, whats ironic is that our bot is actually receiving tons of DM and @replys that are def spam and tons of porn offers. Oh well.