Application AccessToken working / User AccessToken return undefined


Hello all ,

My application is working fine when i use the application accessToken / secret which are provided by " " and it returned the results i need … but when i use user.login.accessToken / secrets it returns { result: undefined , error : null } .

It was working perfectly before using User AccessToken/Secret generated by login for every user , but as i shifted to application AccessToken … then get back it does not work anymore .

Can you help me figuring our what i did wrong ?

I am using Meteor / Node.js package twit .

    var T = new TwitMaker({
        consumer_key: '0000000000000000000',
        consumer_secret: '000000000000000000000000000000000000',

The issue happened before , and i thought it’s because a conflict between the appID/Secret and the user Generated AccessToken so i shifted to the app AccessToken .

Note : It’s on development env.

Thanks in advance .


any reply ???