Appication not approved, re-apply/contact doesn't work?


Hi, I applied for a new application on October 17 but it wasn’t approved. Note: remarkable because I applied for four applications - using four different accounts and two of them are already accepted (it’s used for four websites with each their own Twitter account). After several attempts to re-apply by contacting, the confirmed the email address linked to the account, @StalAkker but it couldn’t be verified as account holder?? Now I’m clueless how to proceed. Since it should be used for business purposes I’d really like to re-apply.

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You should probably be able to satisfy all of your developer needs for these four sites with a single developer account. I’d suggest for you to try to manage your development with a single account and use different Twitter apps to manage your different websites.

There is no way to reapply at this time. Stay informed for future updates.


Hi @LeBraat
Thanks for your answer, would be really nice if that’s possible, but can you explain me how to do that? Since a Twitter app can only perform actions using it’s own username. Therefore I still need the other apps using their own Twitter account?

Many thanks in advance!


^^ This is not true.

You can learn more about authorizing your Twitter app to make request on behalf of others via this existing post:

I suggest you learn more about 3-legged oAuth.


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