Appeals process duration - help anyone :)


Hello there,

One of our Apps (@theFashionParis related to our http://theFashion.Paris website) was “Restricted from performing write actions” this morning (French time).

Since our Twitter app is central to our site strategy, we immediatelly filed a request in the “appeals process” form with all information we had. We hope the process ends positivelly since we spent several weeks developping this initial community and are getting ready to start marketing our platform…

Do you know how long should the appeal process last? How long till we get an answer?

This is really important to us.

Thank you in advance for any help !


Hi there…

It’s been 24hours our app is in “Restricted from performing write actions”… We wrote to support via the form provided but had no reply yet.

The team is obviously devastated by the situation.

It took a lot of work to get the website up and running and to start gathering the initial followers to build our service (we have reached 800). Already we are seeing the firsts users asking why they do not get our automated updates anymore. This is so frustrating. We are trying to provide some updates by hand, but since our site is content curation service, this will not be enough and kind of beats the whole purpose…

Does anyone have experience with this appeal process ? Does it take long ? Is there anyway to talk to someone directly ?

Any information is welcome.

Thanks a million from a worried team :smile:


Did you manage to lift the restrictions?