App whitelisted but unable to get user's email address


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Can you please move the details to the post and make the title shorter? It should be something like “App whitelisted but unable to get users email address”


Using verfiy_credentials doesnot provide me with the user email, my app is whitelisted and i have followed all the procedure according to the link


Two things to check:

  • is the user you’re verifying newly-authenticated to Twitter using your app token, or were they authenticated previously? only new authentications will offer access to email after a permissions change on your app keys. Existing user tokens will have the older permissions.

  • if a user has not verified their email with Twitter, then the email address will not be returned in the verify_credentials call. Are you certain that you are trying this with a user that has a verified email address associated with their account?


I created a fresh account today itself,got the email verified and phone number verified too…then too i m not able to find the email field in response. what to do?


You’re requesting the verify_credentials endpoint with ?include_email=true and there is no email value in the response for that user? Are you able to share an example few lines of code?


$user_profile = $twitterObj->get(‘users/show’, array( ‘screen_name’ => $access_token[‘screen_name’], ‘include_entities’ => true) );
$emailfetch = $twitterObj->get(‘account/verify_credentials’,array(‘include_entities’ =>true,‘include_email’ =>true));

i send this code into json that gives me the response back into php code as per last twitter obj as seen in

attached screenshot


follow above link

Go to
Select "I need access to special permissions"
Enter Application Name and ID. These can be obtained via – the application ID is the numeric part in the browser’s address bar after you click your app.
Permissions Request: "Email address"
Submit & wait for response
After your request is granted, an addition permission setting is added in your twitter app’s “Permission” section. Go to “Additional Permissions” and just tick the checkbox for “Request email addresses from users”.
Note that user e-mail address has to be verified, otherwise Twitter refuses to provide it. (See include_email parameter description in elevated permissions doc page.)