App whitelisted but still I am unable to fetch user email address


After approval on whitelisted my app I am still not able to fetch user email address. Even it is not working in twitter’s API console. May I know is there any issue inside API or console not working properly. Below is the console URL available from twitter from this URL (

Requested API is:

Anyone have solution?


What language and library are you using to call the API?

Ensure that you pass true as a String, not a Boolean.


I guess you haven’t seen attached image. Its twitter API console and also I have checked for string parameter. by the way we are using Wordpress (PHP) plugin.


That API Console uses Apigee’s application which is not whitelisted for email access. Go to the GET account/verify_credentials page and select the whitelisted app under “OAuth Signature Generator”. Add include_email=true to the request query input, “get oauth signature” and then try the curl command from a terminal. If email is not included in the response look at the x-access-level: read-write header and see if includes the email permission.