App user authorization suddenly doesn't work


Hello! I have created the twitter login flow the day before yesterday, and everything worked fine, I managed to add one user to my application, by authorizing my twitter app. But yesterday I started to receive the error

The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1.

Even though I am using the v1.1 of the API!

I removed the user from my app and I tryed with another user, but the same error occurs with every user I would try. And now I can’t use the API because I don’t have any valid user I could use for this.

This error occurs after I get valid access tokens (token and secret) and when I try to make a request to GET account/verify_credentials.

I have a Zend application and I am using the Zend Twitter Service, and I want to emphasize that the user authorization I developed worked just fine until yesterday, without me changing anything. I used the example at the, but with siteUrl as

Is this a Twitter bug?



Can you please post more information, about what URL exactly you are using, where the error occurs?


Oh I feel so dumb :blush: … I was instantianting the wrong class, and instead of making requests using, I was making requests using

Thank you for making me look again now at the exact request I was making! So glad this works now… :relieved:

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