App suspended and no clear response from twitter


Hello ,
Our app simply checks the longest time you’ve been away from twitter and tweets that . Plus , weekly it tweets the longest you’ve stayed away from twitter this week ( like apps that shows daily stats of followers/unfollowers like or ) . On 11th of July , I received an email saying I should show the user a clear message that the app will be tweeting weekly and I have 7 days to apply that change or the app will be suspended . After 1 hour the app was suspended when I sent why you didnt give me the 1 week period they said we dont want more users to be surprised with the weekly tweets . After 3 hours I applied the change but the support guy wasnt very co-operative …he started replying with an email each 3 days and each time he is saying you have to make the change though I made the change from the first 3 hours ! Then in order to do anything to reactivate the app we cleared our whole data of users which was above 30k users just to make everything totally new . Then and after 17 days when I sent an email for the support guy telling him any update ? I got an email saying this Ticket was closed !!! How it was closed when its not even resolved or not even discussed well ??? And now I opened another ticket and this is the fourth day without any email , This is really bad support and its weird for a company that worth billions to be having such support … I hope to get help here as I am not getting any help from the support team .