App Store needs to have App Transport Security from January 1, 2017


I’m using MoPub Unity SDK 4.10.0 and starting January 1, 2017, any app submitted to the App Store needs to have App Transport Security (ATS) enabled. But only MoPub iOS SDK just update to 4.11.1 and no MoPub Unity SDK update?


Beside the MoPub Unity SDK update, I also want to know the following:

I have some old and stable games using MoPub. We won’t expect doing any further update on these games due to limited resources. Is there any negative affect (for example: Ad serving) if we don’t update our games using latest IOS MoPub version after 1-Jan-2017?


Hi @tnbao91,

Thanks for reaching out! The MoPub Unity plugin has been updated to support MoPub SDK version 4.11 for Android and 4.11.1 for iOS. You can download the new plugins from our Unity documentation.



Hi @DirtyPolarBear,

Thanks for reaching out! For publishers that do not wish to update the MoPub SDK, we recommend implementing Option #2, as outlined in our [App Transport Security Settings documentation|].