App Revision from Twitter's Behalf


Hi @aaronhoff,

I made a consult to this blog, but I did not realize I did it from the wrong Twitter account (this is the blog post ->, according with your last reply, I have submitted this question via support form several times with no response at all, we are really interested in knowing why our app was suspended in first place in order to be extra careful in our coding (to take even more security that we have done so far), the suspension was lifted but Twitter did not give us any reason, and also knowing if we can submit our app to Twitter for revision and / or auditing in order for us to keep growing with sure and firm steps.

Please We appreciate all the help you can provide us from this blog, as I says before we have submitted several tickets via support form with no success.

Our app name is OctopuSocial

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this case.


Oswald Reyes


Hi @autotuits, Your application was previously suspended due to Automation violations outlined here If you need any clarification on our rules or are unsure if new features of your app would violate Twitter’s Developer Rules of the Road ( please don’t hesitate to reach out via and a member of our Platform Operations team will promptly respond.