App posting on users behalf without violating Twitter rules


As a links customizing service named Linkis we have a question about our rights of posting on our users’ behalf. Can we automatically post analytics of their links (such as visits, clicks, replies etc) on their behalf? And often should we do that without violating Twitter rules: once a day, once in few days, once a week? Once again: the information we want to share on our users’ behalf is not spam, it is not offensive and it’s not violating any of your rules. Of course, every user will be able to disable this option in his settings at We just want to be sure Linkis won’t get blocked as an app for that.
We want to make a release of this option as soon as possible, so the sooner we will get your reply, the sooner we will start.
Thanks in advance!


Hi @Linkis_com, Thanks for writing in. Your application must first get users’ permission before
sending Tweets or other messages on their behalf. A user authenticating through your application does not constitute consent to send tweets. For more information please see our Developer Rules of the Road ( and Automation Policies (


Hi @aaronhoff, Thanks for your reply!
So, to make sure: we will make it clear for our users that they give us a permission to post on their behalf by making a very visible warning on our website and in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.
Will that be enough?

We inspected Developer Rules and Automation Policies and we’re sure the app won’t violate any of them.


Hi @Linkis_com, We require that you request explicit permission from the user before any tweets are sent so posting warnings on the website and in the privacy policy won’t suffice. An example would be a checkbox upon login that users can opt into or out of.